Our Philosophy

We apply the following principles to each and every child who comes through our doors. We believe the
best care comes from understanding the unique needs of our patients and developing a customized
plan of care to help facilitate long-term growth.

Faith guides our work.

As believers, we understand and commit to the ideal that we are not omniscient or omnipotent providers. Rather we are a part of a healing process and view ourselves as tools for His glory.

We build long-term relationships.

We hope that all families leave our offices better than when they arrived. As such, a positive client experience is crucial to this ideal.

All good teams have a leader.

We believe that all good teams have a leader, and that includes each person’s health team. We want to be the leader of each of our patients’ health teams.

No question is a bad question.

To us, communication is critical. No child comes with an instruction manual so we want to ensure parents and patients are comfortable communicating anything of concern or worry to us.

We practice preventative medicine.

We have seen the power of preventative medicine and advise all of our families to pursue consistent well care. Additionally, we view vaccination as a safe, effective way to protect children from avoidable illness. As a result, we advise every parent to vaccinate their child.

We carefully consider medical expenses.

Some people have experienced providers who order antibiotics, x-rays, and other expensive procedures as a first step. While helpful, these are not always the answer. The judicious use of antibiotics, imaging, labs, and referrals leads to better care for the patient.