About Us

At SouthernMED Pediatrics, we do our best each day to provide high quality, compassionate health care to the families in our communities, treating each child as our own.

Our staff and physicians strive to make each encounter pleasant and informative while respecting the time and individual needs of our patients and families.
About SouthernMed Pediatrics

Expanding to more locations to serve you

Dr. Delaney and Dr. Guyton opened the Lexington location of SouthernMED Pediatrics in 2008. In 2012, they expanded their reach into a new community by opening an office in Orangeburg followed by an office in the White Knoll area of Lexington in 2013. In 2016, growth continued with a new office in Batesburg-Leesville. SouthernMED has now expanded over the years with offices in Aiken, Columbia, Northeast Columbia/Blythewood, Fort Mill, Clemson, Charleston and Summerville. Their vision is to continue expanding into new communities that are medically under-served in an effort to provide exceptional care to the children in those communities.

Our Philosophy

Faith guides our work

We model our work in a way that exemplifies humility in service. We understand that we are nothing without God's redeeming grace, and that our abilities are God-given talents by which we serve Him

We build long-term relationships.

We hope that all families leave our offices better than when they arrived. As such, an open patient-provider experience is crucial to this ideal.

All good teams have a leader.

We believe that all good teams have a leader, and that includes coordinated health care. As NCQA recognized Patient Centered Medical Homes, we aim to be the leader of each of our patients’ care teams.

No question is a bad question.

To us, communication is critical. No child comes with an instruction manual so we want to ensure parents and patients are comfortable communicating anything of concern or worry to us.

We practice preventative medicine.

We have seen the power of preventative medicine and advise all of our families to pursue consistent well care. Additionally, we view vaccination as a safe, effective way to protect children from avoidable illness.

We carefully consider medical expenses.

We believe in the judicious use of antibiotics, imaging, labs, and referrals based on the comprehensive evaluation of the individual patient